Wait Till You Hear This One

Old-time fiddle tunes and sources


A few things that have helped me in my recent exploration of midwestern fiddling, along with some old favorites.


  • Bob Walters, “The Champion.” This is the two-CD set from Bill Henderson and Dwight Lamb that originally blew my mind and started me down the road to Missouri.
  • Slippery Hill’s R.P. Christeson page has free clips of all the source recordings in both volumes of the “Old-Time Fiddlers Repertory” books linked below. Lots of other great stuff on Slippery Hill, too. If you use the site and like it, please considering donating to help pay for server space. Larry Warren does this site as a labor of love.

Online info


From Charlie Walden, the ambassador of Missouri fiddling

Some general old-time music links

  • Field Recorders’ Collective: an incredible resource for recordings of old-time music from a variety of areas, with some great midwestern stuff.
  • John Schwab’s Old-Time Backup Guitar: the right backup is important and here’s how to do it. Also a great “links” section and lots of other nifty extras.
  • Old-Time Party: the blog of the late Jon Bekoff. This is a treasure trove of info.



3 thoughts on “Links

  1. Marla Streator on said:

    Hey Dave, Summer is winding down so I’m looking forward to upcoming posts. I just sent my recommendation for you as a Fiddle Tunes Tutor to Suzy today along with a link to your blog and posted a link to it on our local Old Time yahoo group.

  2. Just saw this today, Marla: thanks! I really appreciate that. I’d love to tutor at FT again.

    I finally finished up my post on “Old Dubuque” and plan to publish it tonight. It’s a great tune, and very accessible. But I love it so much I was trying to get every nuance before going public, and I just got in deeper and deeper. I have to stop being such a perfectionist and just go ahead and share the way I actually play the tunes, rather than obsessing on them endlessly! Hoping to start posting regularly again now, even if that means just once a month.

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