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Bob Walters’ “Jump Fingers,” Gut Strings

In my last post I mentioned how I was hating the sound of my fiddle, and joked that maybe I needed yet another new kind of strings. Well, it turns out I did! My wife will laugh to read this, because it never lasts, but I’m now officially in love with ┬áPirastro Wondertone gut strings. In this video I play Bob Walters’ “Jump Fingers” on my gut-strung fiddle, once at moderate speed and then once slow with some comments about style. At the beginning I show what the strings look like and say a little about how they’re different. Here’s a nice speedy version of Bob playing it with piano backup from R.P. Christesen, on Slippery Hill. And here’s his more stately version from The Champion, slowed-down and pitch corrected.

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