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David Bragger teaches “Cripple Creek”

I was impressed by the clarity of David’s teaching in this recent free lesson he posted on Facebook, and I thought some of you might like it, too. I want to take a cue from him and get better at calling out bow directions as I play and generally keeping things moving along quickly in my videos. But who can compete with his home decor and fashion sense? Not me. Anyway, if you’re not familiar with David and his endeavors, check out Old-Time Tiki Parlor.

I’m hoping to have a new post of my own soon. Thinking of doing Bob Walters’, “The Beaux.” But it’s gardening season in Oregon, and all my free time lately seems to be spent out in the yard. Plus, I’m in the middle of one of those dreaded crises, where I can barely stand to hear myself play, and the I unfairly blame it on my fiddle. In this kind of mood, anyone’s fiddle seems preferable to mine. Do any of you go through that? It’s horrible. Maybe I should do a special post on it. I’m hoping it’ll pass, just as soon as I find the right strings . . .


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