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Bob Walters and Dwight Lamb CDs now available!

I’m cranking up the rusty blog-posting machine again, finally, and the first thing I want to do is pass on some recent news items from Bill Peterson. You can get any or all of the stuff below by writing him at missourivalleymusic@sio.midco.net. I don’t have exact prices, but I can promise that they’re incredibly reasonable. 

BobWalters_TheChampionFirst, after being out of them for a while, Bill has a new supply of The Champion, his collection of Dwight Lamb’s recordings of Bob Walters. I’ve mentioned this before as the thing that really rocked my world a few years ago and started my obsession with Bob Walters and midwestern fiddle tunes. It really is essential. To my friends who play mostly southern styles and may only be familiar with the few tunes of Bob’s that show up on anthologies, or even the ones on the Christeson collection, you won’t believe how this 2-disk collection expands your idea of his repertoire. It shows him as the complete and consummate fiddler—someone who could do it all, on the level of, say, Eck Robertson or Lowe Stokes. Like them, he played everything from new-fangled raggy numbers to haunting old-time ones.

Ndwight 80ext, Bill has a brand-new CD of Dwight Lamb called simply 80 (which is Dwight’s age, amazingly). It’s all old-time fiddle tunes, many from Bob Walters, interpreted by Dwight, who learned directly from him.

Finally, Bill tells me he still has come copies left of his jaw-droppingly amazing DVD of Cyril Stinnett, which I posted about a while back. Highly recommended. (I’m learning a great tune from Stinnett right now, called “Joseph Won the Coated Fiddle,” and I hope to post it for y’all in the next few days.) This is just black-and-white footage of the man playing his repertoire in his incredibly driving, fast style. But it’s pure gold if you want to learn the tunes.

Here ends the commercial message. Check these out if you don’t have them already. You won’t regret it. And I’m going to start posting a bunch of new fiddle tune videos on the blog soon. Promise.


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