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String theories: what are the best strings for old-time fiddle?


I have a string problem. This is a picture of my fiddle string graveyard—all the strings I’ve bought, and tried, and re-tried over the years. I cycle back through them periodically, trying to get my fiddle to sound a little warmer, or smoother, or brighter, or louder, or quieter. I’m going to share a few things I’ve learned, and maybe, armed with this knowledge, you can find your perfect strings without wasting as much time and money as I did.

I’ve learned that when I first put on a new brand of strings, I almost always think they sound better. But it’s just the novelty effect. After 24 hours, all their problems come to the fore.  It’s a running joke around our house that whatever extravagant claims I make for the new brand I’m trying, I’ll do an about-face and hate them within a few days. Read more…


Reviving the blog: now shorter and more spontaneous!

Gerard van Honthorst, "The Merry Fiddler," 1623

“The Merry Fiddler”: this perfectly expresses my new happy-go-lucky attitude towards blogging.

Well, the entire summer passed with only one post from Wait Till You Hear This One. And yet the world kept spinning on its axis, amazingly. The post below is about how I’m going to try to write shorter and more frequent posts, be more spontaneous, and just write about whatever fiddle stuff I happen to be interested in at the time, rather than trying to write some sort of detailed fiddle instruction manual. Hope those of you who’ve been kind enough to Like it still like it. Let me know.

Read more…

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