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Why I hold my bow on the frog

In my last post, “Old Dubuque,” the camera angle of the video happened to show how I hold my bow with my thumb directly on the bottom of the frog. That’s kind of unusual, among fiddlers I know anyway, and it’s something I’ve thought about a lot, so I thought it might be an interesting subject for a blog post. Here’s a short video where I show how I hold the bow. The tune I’m using to demonstrate is “Art Wooten’s Hornpipe,” and I’m planning on doing a full post on that soon.

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“Old Dubuque,” Bob Walters

Key of D, standard tuning. Learned from the 2-CD set, “Bob Walters: The Champion” and used with permission. The tune can be played fairly simply and still sound close to the source—that’s how I played it when I first learned it. But trying to capture the nuances makes it more difficult, and lately I’ve been working on adding those in. Here’s a slowed-down version of the source recording:

And here’s a video of me playing the tune, first with piano backup (by Martha Thompson), then once slow, then with some comments about style. Sorry that my voice is a little quiet at points: I shot this all on my new ipad with no external mic. I’ll either use an external mic next time, or shout.

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