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Unboxing the new Cyril Stinnett DVD

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Hi again, everyone. Thanks for all the nice comments on the blog in the last few weeks, and sorry for the long silence. Let’s call it summer hiatus. It was also partly that I keep changing how I play the next tune, Bob Walters’ “Old Dubuque,” and couldn’t quite get my mind around committing it to posterity. But it’s a-coming.

Anyway, no new fiddle tune today, but I’m posting because my copy of Cyril Stinnett: Legendary Missouri Fiddler finally arrived yesterday, and boy am I excited. Bill Peterson and Dwight Lamb have been working hard on this for quite awhile, and it was worth the effort, and the wait. Apparently Dwight was one of the early adopters of home video recording technology in the 70s, and he used his camera to capture these great performances of one of the great fiddlers. I hear there’s more where these came from.  Read more…


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